Alba Sweet Tunes

By Dany Barrientos-Ramírez

Dancing at the wedding reception is a kind of good luck ritual for Cinthia and me. We always dance: always! We find beautiful moments to photograph in that swaying of the hips, and it seems that it is the only time where taking pictures and dancing at the same time looks good.

Music is a central element in my life: I appreciate it very much even though I don’t play any instrument. I’m one of those hardcore enthusiasts who once had four pairs of headphones to chose from depending on the day’s mood. Maybe that’s why I always pay too much attention to what is played at ceremonies.

So I’ve decided to contribute some very vintage beats for certain moments that are a bit complicated to set to music. Looking for music to wait for while the guests arrive at the reception? Welcome to this post! Looking for romantic sounds other than Barry White? This is the playlist. Looking for melodic landscapes for a dinner soundtrack? Click on the playlist. 

This is my selection of unusual and very romantic musical gems extracted for couples like you. From the queen of my heart, Aretha Franklin, to Bobby “Blue” Bland (what sounds!), to Barbara and her French melodies.

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