1.- What is your photography style?

We like to describe our style as a mix between documentary and artistic photography: your wedding captured in a natural but exquisite way. It's about you enjoying your big day, so our philosophy is not to interfere by giving instructions during moments that happen naturally. This is the big secret behind some of our images.

This approach allows us to capture candid and unrepeatable moments that will reveal the magic behind the personalities of the bride, groom, and guests; this spontaneous spark is impossible to stage.

However, in certain circumstances during the ceremony we will approach the couple to offer some directions on how to pose (naturally and always making the bride and groom feel comfortable) to ensure the naturalness and openness that define our style. These directions are useful for us to produce more artistic photos like the ones you will see in our portfolio.

2.- What does your coverage include?

Coverage includes us both, Cinthia and Dany, during your wedding day. Depending on the service you choose, we will be present from the preparation of the bride/groom, the ceremony, the official portraits, until the very end of the reception. 

Send a message to receive our price guide to find out the service that best suits your needs. 

3.- Do you do posed portraits?

Of course we do! We also do formal portraits because we understand the beauty of these types of images and the gigantic value they have for posterity. So when we are at your ceremony we will take as many formal photographs as necessary. 

4.- Do you always work together at weddings?

That's right. There are always two photographers working on the ceremony; it is one of our hallmarks and another of our secrets to guarantee great memories.

Two photographers ensure photographic diversity, whether the ceremony is intimate or grand. For example, while one of the two photographs the preparation of the bride, the other works with the groom while he dresses. This versatility is impossible to obtain with only one photographer, so the saying "two is better than one" is actually quite true. 

5.- How many images will we receive?

Our philosophy is to tell the story of your wedding day in the most beautiful way possible under a "less is more" approach, so we prioritize stunning images. We prefer to deliver a few breathtaking images rather than many unsurprising photographs. Our couples receive between 300 to 600 images depending on the type of service they choose.

6.- When will we receive the edited images?

We understand how important it is to have your wedding images as soon as possible. Our "15 day delivery" policy assures the bride and groom that they will receive a preview (ten to fifteen images) within 48 hours of the wedding. The rest of the edited photographs will be delivered within fifteen days after the event.  

7.- What is the "15 days delivery"?

Beautiful images are as important as a prompt delivery. Our "15 days delivery" means that all our couples will receive the retouched images of their ceremony in less than fifteen days after the event. In addition, they will receive a preview (ten to fifteen images) within 48 hours after the ceremony. Wonderful, isn't it?

8.- Can we see a complete gallery like the ones you give to your wedding couples?

That's right!

This is a sample of the galleries that our couples receive in less than fifteen days after their wedding. Click here and enjoy!

9.- How can we hire you?

Contact us to arrange for a virtual coffee rendezvous where the four of us can meet. We love the process of getting to know a couple! These first interactions provide the confidence that is necessary to create good images.  

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